Monday, One Hour


Breakfast on the deck
Coffee, oatmeal and June third
Portulaca bloom

At the bird feeder
A catbird with her fledgling
Monday motherhood


Leftover flowers
The farmer’s market bargain
Yellow June zinnias
A little pale and leggy
But so is Monday morning


I sat down to sketch
to spend one hour of
Monday with my fancy
pencils. Not because
I’m good at sketching
but c’mon, new pencils!
Yet I seem to be a
one trick woman, because
words came out (the irony
my blog title is Sketching
Words is not lost on me).


One thought on “Monday, One Hour

  1. breakfast on the deck sounded lovely and loved seeing your flowers. The bit about writing in the sketch book made me laugh because I do that too. Cool that Monday is pale and leggy too. And that your last bit felt like it rhymed on the third lines (fancy, (not pencils), irony, me) giving me a feeling of a cadence


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