Where I live was cotton field before suburban sprawl. There is a (manmade) lake and mature trees, so we have a variety of birds. One of the most prolific species is mockingbirds. So raucous and protective of the mealworms we offer at the feeders, I have nicknamed a particularly unruly male Godzilla. This is my […]

To the bee outside my kitchen window

Do not bee about my back window a prize of pollinating puffiness, a buff genus bee-ness, insecta inflectaGet to work on the tomato plants, pedal those petals, buzz those buds Don’t you understand what’s going on around here? Under much enthusiasm and gravity with its attending salty sea level my household waits for florid, thin […]

April 28

I always feel the sky is trying to tell me something.The refrigerator, too. with its hum humming.Maybe it’s saying the pickle jar is leaking. I planted two tomato plants. The variety is called Juliet.I also planted two bell pepper plants. They are not called Romeo,but I wish they were.

The grass is

as green as moneyfertilizerweed killeraeration- yep, air is not free “The butterfly bush is working,” I exclaimed. “I saw a lady bug on it!”“But did you see a butterfly?” you asked.Picky, picky The Yoshino cherry tree out back has produced tiny cherries that I am hoping will attract cedar waxwings. In Tennessee that’s like waiting […]

Poems in a Pocket

A set of pillow cases from Target were folded up tight in a little cotton pocket. Every pocket needs a poem, so with April being National Poetry Month, I will write my month’s poems on index cards and store them in this new little pouch. a cotton pouch fornational poetry monthpillows and poems index card […]