Eden is a common crossword answer The scene of a fall Aria and aloe are for When vowels are needed Oreo, too Dunkable treat Tastier vowels Oreos and milk Double Stuf in a crossword Plenty of vowels


I found these in the parking lot of Ollie’s Bargain Outlet on North Parkway. I imagine Thea, a three year old, gripping with her thimble sized thumb, a pack of magnetic letters. Her mother, thirty, soothing her teething brother, Timothy. Then they drive home, the myth and rhythm of a lighthearted family. Well clothed, healthy […]

You Know What I Found? Part 2

January 2017 I wrote: Last night I googled motivational quotes. I am training for a half marathon and a long run was scheduled for the morning. What I really wanted from those quotes was not motivation, but an excuse to not run. You know what I found? There is no replacement for hard work and […]

Endangered Label (update)

An update on this post from 2017: A little box A little handle (remember when it was string?) For little hands The circus is closing Will there still be animal crackers? The lion and polar bear are listed as vulnerable The gorilla and elephant are listed as endangered Will there still be animals? The animals […]

The Library Boardroom

Saturday morning I attended a NaNoWriMo information session held in the local library boardroom. Lined up in a perfectly leveled row were photos of the past heads of the library board. Library Boardroom Just off the Mayflower Serious white men