Kinda Square Day 20

Yesterday I posted a haibun about how my husband thinks the brown eyed Susans in our front beds are weeds…a husband’s weeds are a wife’s flowers? Well, with this Fuji Instax pic, I want to go back and work on a haiku/haibun about the ADT sign and the flowers in some fashion incorporating “who’s guarding […]

Kinda Square Day 13

This is my favorite entry so far. This Fuji Instax doesn’t like sun, shade, indoors or out. It does not like up- close or faraway or anything in between. And “composition,” forget about it! BUT it seems to like reds, never mind if they are blurry! I already have Thursday’s post in preparation, as I […]

Kinda Square/October

I received a Fuji Instax camera as a gift. It is awful. In the interest of turning lemons to lemonade (read, “what am I going to do with this piece of crap?”), I am going to participate in an October photo challenge. I plan on taking 1-2 pics a day, write a micro poem and […]