Not Prepared

My dog had surgery yesterday. I was not prepared for the long line of blue sutures running down her neck. When the vet handed me her leash and a bottle of pain pills he said, “she was a good girl.” The label on the bottle reads “2 tablets every 12 hours until gone. For pain.” […]

Sabi Saturday #5

Bought this art book at Goodwill last Saturday. So happy it has sections on architecture and photography, too. BUT there was a secret surprise inside! On page 193, a grocery receipt from February 1988. The receipt is from Gene Walters Marketplace, a now closed grocer from the Virginia Beach/Norfolk VA area, so the book traveled […]

About North

There’s something about north At the top of the rose A navigator’s star A capital N For good things like nachos, napkins and namaste There’s something about north The north pole, a giant magnet For Ross and Parry A navigator’s star A capital N For bad things like nuclear, narcissist and nausea There’s something about […]

Tiny Hands (NaPoWriMo day 1)

I have twelve children Each one named for a month of the year January February March and so on Here come the girls April May and June I call my children sweetheart precious darlin’ even when they aren’t I cradle each creation like they are my own even when they aren’t I talk earnestly with […]