About North

There’s something about north
At the top of the rose
A navigator’s star

A capital N
For good things like nachos, napkins and namaste
There’s something about north

The north pole, a giant magnet
For Ross and Parry
A navigator’s star

A capital N
For bad things like nuclear, narcissist and nausea
There’s something about north

Exploring is a fine profession
But so is not freezing to death
A navigator’s star

A person who is heading north
Is not making any mistake
There’s something about north
A navigator’s star
The NaPoWriMo prompt assigned a villanelle using lines from an outside text. My outside text comes from Stuart Little by E. B. White. PSH’s prompt was to take a phrase from a favorite childhood book to set up an adult memory. Stuart Little is my favorite book from childhood.

One thought on “About North

  1. I hadn’t read the book but like many had seen the movie so hadn’t realize that the quote came from the book That’s a cool challenge of a childhood phrase for an adult memory and you created a wonderful poem from it. I love how the north pulls you towards adventure and the funny aside that not freezing to death is also a good thing while acknowledging the yearning.


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