Saturday Bird Sketch

The shadows under their wingsrhythmic with the breathin the tight knitted chestsof the house finches A row of raspberry males andtheir mottled mates along the deckrailing are a feathered span ofbright eyed inflection Such clear and endless strivingdraws autumn to the treetopswhere yellow poplar leavescostume as gold finches Geese are flying south their wing shadows […]


My daughter has asked for family history such as marriages, births and military service, yet I keep recalling my mother’s long fingers and an uncle who looked like Mick Jagger. Searching the closetFor baby books and diariesSo many old shoes

The Virtual Poetorium

Over the course of this past year I found a fun group of poets who have offered monthly group poems and a virtual open mic where all of the activities culminate in a monthly blog post with everyone’s contributions. I had the pleasure to be September’s featured poet! If you would like to read my […]