Clay writing tablets dating from 3000 BC provide some of the earliest evidence of when humans began creating constellations. Taurus, the bull, is believed to be one of the oldest constellations. It passes through the Northern Hemisphere from November to March, but is most visible in January. I offer to the firein the old constellationsmy […]

January Squares and Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Prompt #342

Rough air and angelsAnticipate turbulenceTowing the season Rough Air It does not rain in spaceThere is space between the rainWhere angels flyTowing dreams tetheredBehind their wingsAerial advertising withAcrobatic towplanes toting aBanner over the beach Anticipate turbulenceRough air ChopA little shaking lets you know you’re aliveMaybe the wings snap offWhere are the angels now?Make sure your […]

Sabi Saturday (Sunday) Week 17

Thank you to Mary https://cactuscatz.com/sabi-saturday/sabi-saturday-week-17/ for continuing Sabi Saturday. A number of years ago my brother made me a little red bench that I kept at my front entrance. The wood began to rot and fungus began to grow in the cracks of the separated boards. David took the bench back, reused what wood he could and […]