January Squares

Nasturtium can still beCharles Olson’s flowerand maybe like my motherhe instructed his daughterto soak the little wrinkledseeds in a custard cup ofwater overnight, so theywould sprout quicker inthe sickly soil next to theback door. Thinking ofthe shades of orange andthe veiny round leaves ofJuly- this is my nose-gay now. Inspired by p. 632, The Maximus […]

January Squares and Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Prompt #342

Rough air and angelsAnticipate turbulenceTowing the season Rough Air It does not rain in spaceThere is space between the rainWhere angels flyTowing dreams tetheredBehind their wingsAerial advertising withAcrobatic towplanes toting aBanner over the beach Anticipate turbulenceRough air ChopA little shaking lets you know you’re aliveMaybe the wings snap offWhere are the angels now?Make sure your […]

January Squares

This is part of a recreation of a village at Kualoa Ranch in Kaneohe, HI. I remember the tour guide saying the shaman of the village would sleep up there to receive messages from the gods in his dreams, but it has bothered me ever since that I cannot remember the name. I have searched […]

January Squares Day 1

December 27 sunrise and thinking maybe Icarus had brothers? What if Icarus did not drown when he fell into the sea. What if he emerged as a shore bird made of all those feathers he collected. Or maybe a moray eel who harnessed the sun’s light to slither and glow. There are all sorts of […]