Saturday morning short form

Mid FebruaryMockingbird has a new songMore! More! February walkPuppy in a sweaterStill she shivers Droopy yellow leavesAmaryllis says “enough!”Winter doldrums  a collage   snapping        against             birdsong    burrowed deep in the contented silence across a fertile land pressed flowers sleeping crickets the neighbor’s July wave    […]

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt #345

Snowing and blowingdoves and wrens at the feedersuddenly detente Snowing and blowingmy husband frying baconbirds at the feeder Ron is not working today, so he wrote a haiku also: Falling, the seasonWinds blow seed snow chirping soundsRefuge porch- Feed the birds A link to the challenge:

Flying with (week 2 assignment)

Flying with angels, accidents and an albatross   across                                  large and hungry Flying with blessings, babies and blackbirds   below                     4 and 20 baked in a pie           […]