Flying with (week 2 assignment)

Flying with angels, accidents and an albatross
   across                                  large and hungry

Flying with blessings, babies and blackbirds
   below                     4 and 20 baked in a pie
                                     blackbirds, that is

Flying with choirs, cohorts and chickadees
   collecting                              dee dee dee

Flying with duty, damage and ducks
   daylong              let’s say mallards

Flying with elements, energy and egrets
   eavesdropping                near the lake

Flying with fog, fallacy and a finch
   form                      let’s say house

Flying with gods, ghosts and geese
   GPS                let’s say Canadian

Flying with heaven, hosts and hawks
   holy                    let’s say Cooper’s

Flying with Icarus, identity and Ibis
   incognito             with the egret at the lake

Flying with justice, jaws and jays
   jubilant                 let’s say blue

Flying with kings, knights and king fishers
   kaleidoscope      with the egret at the lake

Flying with lords, ladies and larks
   labor                       let’s say sky

Flying with the moon, mystics and a mockingbird
   madrigals      and if that mockingbird won’t sing
                         Papa’s gonna buy you a diamond ring

Flying with numbers, as in ‘take one,’ nobody and night hawks
   north                                    the bird, not the Hopper painting

Flying with oaths, obedience and owls
   order                         let’s say snowy

Flying with peppers, persimmons and purple martins
   power                                     peacocks, too showy
                                                  penguins too cold

Flying with quackery, quaintness and quail
   quality                                not 1, a covey

Flying with riots, radios and ravens
   racing                          nevermore

Flying with saints, sinners and swans
   salvation          same lake as the
                           egret, king fisher
                           and ibis

Flying with trumpets, trombones and turkey
   tachyon (faster than light)    Thanksgiving

Flying with ubiquity, understanding and umbrella birds
   under                                                    in the Amazon

Flying with virtue, valor and vultures
   vigilance                 let’s say turkey
                                   no, not for Thanksgiving

Flying with widows, wind and waxwings
   wary                                    as in Cedar

Flying with Xena, XO’s and xehops
   (I got nothing)       in South America

Flying with yachts, yarn and yellow (gold) finches
   yearning                           eating thistle seed with
                                            the house finch

Flying with zealots, Zeus and zebra finches
   zigzagging                              in Australia

I signed up for 10 weeks of poetry prompts, with directions/examples from This is inspired by Fake-a-Fable by R. Zamora Linmark

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