Not Prepared

My dog had surgery yesterday. I was not prepared for the long line of blue sutures running down her neck. When the vet handed me her leash and a bottle of pain pills he said, “she was a good girl.” The label on the bottle reads “2 tablets every 12 hours until gone. For pain.” […]

Sabi Saturday #5

Bought this art book at Goodwill last Saturday. So happy it has sections on architecture and photography, too. BUT there was a secret surprise inside! On page 193, a grocery receipt from February 1988. The receipt is from Gene Walters Marketplace, a now closed grocer from the Virginia Beach/Norfolk VA area, so the book traveled […]

About North

There’s something about north At the top of the rose A navigator’s star A capital N For good things like nachos, napkins and namaste There’s something about north The north pole, a giant magnet For Ross and Parry A navigator’s star A capital N For bad things like nuclear, narcissist and nausea There’s something about […]

Tiny Hands (NaPoWriMo day 1)

I have twelve children Each one named for a month of the year January February March and so on Here come the girls April May and June I call my children sweetheart precious darlin’ even when they aren’t I cradle each creation like they are my own even when they aren’t I talk earnestly with […]

Haibun Road/Cactus Haiku challenge

An hour run in the neighborhood before sunrise is peaceful. Brings peace. Peaceful power. The power of peace. An hour run in the neighborhood before sunrise. Before cars. Before school buses. Before dog walkers. Before striving. Before the sun. The road. The breath. The moon. Before the sun. Before the sunrise Road  Breath  Moon  Run […]

Umbra or Umber

Blank page White page Gray sky Variegated sky Brown table Grained table Ground coffee Black coffee Yellow violet Clay pot Umbra pot What is umbra? Okay, dull red pot Blue coffee cup Blue coffee machine light Grinder  Roaster  Rooster  Percolator Booster Mooster– the rooster with the mooster put some bread in the tooster his cousins […]