Haibun Road Week 12/honeysuckle

A walk around Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs, AR will have you breathing deeply taking in the sweet smell of honeysuckle. Many people remember as a kid “drinking” the nectar of the honeysuckle flowers. I did not know until recently that many honeysuckle bushes are actually an invasive species so reviled that certain states have […]

1 Mile

This garbage is titled 1 Mile.  This garbage is specifically brought to you by a 1 mile section of Pleasant Plains Rd. between West Jackson Baptist Church and Union University. Among runners in Jackson this stretch is often called “the hill at Union.” Really “the hill” is a long slope, but the honest to goodness mountains […]

Haibun Road Week 10

A friend told me this is a funny story. I do not find it funny at all. The “rush” registration for the 2019 Marine Corps Marathon was in March. Now what “rush” means is that there are only a few spots allotted to the lucky few who are on their computers at just the right […]

Not Prepared

My dog had surgery yesterday. I was not prepared for the long line of blue sutures running down her neck. When the vet handed me her leash and a bottle of pain pills he said, “she was a good girl.” The label on the bottle reads “2 tablets every 12 hours until gone. For pain.” […]

Sabi Saturday #5

Bought this art book at Goodwill last Saturday. So happy it has sections on architecture and photography, too. BUT there was a secret surprise inside! On page 193, a grocery receipt from February 1988. The receipt is from Gene Walters Marketplace, a now closed grocer from the Virginia Beach/Norfolk VA area, so the book traveled […]