Where I live was cotton field before suburban sprawl. There is a (manmade) lake and mature trees, so we have a variety of birds. One of the most prolific species is mockingbirds. So raucous and protective of the mealworms we offer at the feeders, I have nicknamed a particularly unruly male Godzilla. This is my […]

To the bee outside my kitchen window

Do not bee about my back window a prize of pollinating puffiness, a buff genus bee-ness, insecta inflectaGet to work on the tomato plants, pedal those petals, buzz those buds Don’t you understand what’s going on around here? Under much enthusiasm and gravity with its attending salty sea level my household waits for florid, thin […]

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt #357 and #356, because I was a slacker last week

high and tight haircutbarber’s memory refreshedthose old air force days Monday morning runthe endorphins will refresha natural high #356: Every April red breasted grosbeaks stop at our feeder in Jackson, TN during their migration north. My high school friend living in Elmira, NY posted pictures on Facebook of her first sighting of grosbeaks at her […]