Monday, One Hour

Breakfast on the deck Coffee, oatmeal and June third Portulaca bloom At the bird feeder A catbird with her fledgling Monday motherhood Leftover flowers The farmer’s market bargain Yellow June zinnias A little pale and leggy But so is Monday morning   I sat down to sketch to spend one hour of Monday with my […]

Haibun Road week 14

You are never the same person after a hike.  Every path is a mixture of history, birdsong and exertion.  Oh, and lightning fast lizards, chipmunks and veins of quartz jutting out for dramatic effect.  Your sweat dries and lunch is enjoyed, but the trail lingers. Returning from a hike I find the trail Still on […]

Haibun Road Week 12/honeysuckle

A walk around Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs, AR will have you breathing deeply taking in the sweet smell of honeysuckle. Many people remember as a kid “drinking” the nectar of the honeysuckle flowers. I did not know until recently that many honeysuckle bushes are actually an invasive species so reviled that certain states have […]