Haibun Road weekly challenge #7


Surprise lillies produce green leaves in early spring that wither away and the flowers arrive in late July, pink on two foot tall leafless stems. These two foot stems grow overnight, hence “surprise” lilly, holding four to six pale pink flowers. In another poem from my old blog I described them as seashells on a stem.

Surprise lillies are also called magic lillies or resurrection lilly. Last year I ordered six surprise lilly bulbs and planted them near our mailbox. Within days some rodent had dug them up, so to spare my new bulbs from becoming rodent dinner, I pulled them out promising to replant them in the spring. Except, here are my six surprise lillies exactly where I dug them up with healthy green leaves! What the *&^!? Now that’s a magic resurrection surprise!

I’m the April fool
Spring sprouting by the mailbox
Lillies of surprise


4 thoughts on “Haibun Road weekly challenge #7

  1. That’s an awesome suprise. Maybe the rodent felt guilty, brought them back and replanted them a la a tale from Beatrix Potter style. Can they grow from leftover remnants when someone takes a bite into them?
    Love your haibun. Can’t wait to see the flowers when they blossom this year.


      1. laughing, I agree. Magic is so much better and who is to say it isn’t so. Just because most people don’t believe in something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or isn’t true. For centuries, a large number of people believed the world was flat. Turns out it was round which the ship navigators were trying to keep secret to protect their trade routes. My California poppies came back and in a very different part of my yard. I wish my sunflowers had too. I’d love it if lilies did but much too hot for them here.


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