Monday, One Hour

Breakfast on the deck Coffee, oatmeal and June third Portulaca bloom At the bird feeder A catbird with her fledgling Monday motherhood Leftover flowers The farmer’s market bargain Yellow June zinnias A little pale and leggy But so is Monday morning   I sat down to sketch to spend one hour of Monday with my […]

1 Mile

This garbage is titled 1 Mile.  This garbage is specifically brought to you by a 1 mile section of Pleasant Plains Rd. between West Jackson Baptist Church and Union University. Among runners in Jackson this stretch is often called “the hill at Union.” Really “the hill” is a long slope, but the honest to goodness mountains […]

Not Prepared

My dog had surgery yesterday. I was not prepared for the long line of blue sutures running down her neck. When the vet handed me her leash and a bottle of pain pills he said, “she was a good girl.” The label on the bottle reads “2 tablets every 12 hours until gone. For pain.” […]

Umbra or Umber

Blank page White page Gray sky Variegated sky Brown table Grained table Ground coffee Black coffee Yellow violet Clay pot Umbra pot What is umbra? Okay, dull red pot Blue coffee cup Blue coffee machine light Grinder  Roaster  Rooster  Percolator Booster Mooster– the rooster with the mooster put some bread in the tooster his cousins […]

Anagrams and Minutes

I notice a number of sites inform you the amount of minutes it will take to read the post. Minutes. The time on a page, the lines on our forehead or some anagram for words. Yes, sword, but the other day I read canyon as crayon and the day after that I read diagnosis as […]