Poems in a Pocket

A set of pillow cases from Target were folded up tight in a little cotton pocket. Every pocket needs a poem, so with April being National Poetry Month, I will write my month’s poems on index cards and store them in this new little pouch. a cotton pouch fornational poetry monthpillows and poems index card […]

One spring

I was a daffodilBaptized in the rain, I prayed yellow The tulips trembled, but mylot was the sky No perfumy scent for meI bathed in sunlight My petals sculpted from astar and unnecessary happiness I was confidence. poetry andpart of a golden host One of hundreds or thousandsnever lonely and eternally spring My mother’s favorite […]

March 1

The ache of winterfading with the calendarthe first day of March For Ronovan Writes haiku poetry prompt #347: https://ronovanwrites.com/2021/03/01/ronovan-writes-weekly-haiku-poetry-prompt-challenge-347-ache-and-ease/#respond Blue jays worry the morningCrows rattle the skyChicka dees dee dee at the feederThe wrens scold the juncos and thegold finch begins to turn yellowHello, MarchCarrying the ache of winteryet in this season of muda hint […]

Saturday morning short form

Mid FebruaryMockingbird has a new songMore! More! February walkPuppy in a sweaterStill she shivers Droopy yellow leavesAmaryllis says “enough!”Winter doldrums  a collage   snapping        against             birdsong    burrowed deep in the contented silence across a fertile land pressed flowers sleeping crickets the neighbor’s July wave    […]

Flying with (week 2 assignment)

Flying with angels, accidents and an albatross   across                                  large and hungry Flying with blessings, babies and blackbirds   below                     4 and 20 baked in a pie           […]