Sabi Saturday Week 13


Well, this was a fail. I spread black acrylic paint on a pussy willow, a fern and a flower.  I will try another type of paint and maybe leaves, since they are a bit flatter. But it was fun making a mess.

For whatever reason I have been into making collages, so I am on the hunt for “stuff” to glue to other “stuff.”  I like items that will change. Newspapers yellow and my litter collage from a few weeks ago has black banana peels.


I bought a little children’s book thinking I would rip out the pages for a collage, but I just can’t bring myself to tear the book apart. In the back is the library sign out card from 1946. All I could think of is where are Blanche, Audrey and Junior now? How sweet their handwriting!


I will keep the book and maybe someday I will find a way to capture how it makes me feel…nostalgic, curious and a little bittersweet.


3 thoughts on “Sabi Saturday Week 13

  1. I like your willow. A little thick but reminds me of sumi-e. I love that the book still had the card in the back. I miss library cards, that connection to other readers who had read the same book as you. Scanners just aren’t as cool.


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