Haibun Road weekly challenge

To the left of the door a pale purple crocus shivers in the midst of seven days of rain. Rainrainrainairrainrainrain. Even the mud drowns. From his car, half in the driveway and half in the street, my husband calls, “come look at this dog!” The dog has muddy paws and a wet belly. A black and white spaniel with a heart shaped spot on his side. Is this my Valentine? My husband leaves for work.

Seven days of rain
Even the mud drowns

Black and white spaniel
A heart shaped spot on his side
Stray Valentine dog


This was last week’s poetry class assignment…embed haiku in prose. The class is Prose Poetry taught by Barbara Henning on Writers.com.

3 thoughts on “Haibun Road weekly challenge

  1. I love this. the “Rainrainrainairrainrainrain. Even the mud drowns.” I can feel down to my bones after my trip to California raining every day. The poor muddy dog with the heart-shaped spot evokes a hope he has found a home but the question is still open as the husband leaves for work. Lovely how the pale crocus evokes the first beginnings of spring. It’s great that your class was embed haiku in prose this week – – just in time to make a haibun!


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