Anagrams and Minutes

I notice a number of sites inform you the amount of minutes it will take to read the post. Minutes. The time on a page, the lines on our forehead or some anagram for words. Yes, sword, but the other day I read canyon as crayon and the day after that I read diagnosis as dignitaries, so that must count for something. Mistuned minuet.


3 thoughts on “Anagrams and Minutes

  1. It’s true that it often takes just minutes to read a post. My problem is sometimes I want to comment but am not sure what to say or how to say it so I stare at the post, and stare, and stare while the minutes keep ticking away.

    I love that “canyon” for “crayon” and “diagnosis” as “dignitaries”. Is it a Freudian slip if you read something wrong versus say it? I think it might be fun to write a poem and then substitute random words that start with the same letter for key nouns to see how it flips the meaning.

    I’m so glad you’re back. I was a tad worried when 25more disappeared


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