4 thoughts on “Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Prompt #433

  1. I burst out laughing when I went from Starbucks pumpkin and spice to so many ways to ruin my morning coffee (the problem with haiku is you can’t summarize them — they’re concise, like yours twinkling in its brevity). So many choices! But you’re absolutely right, a good bean roasted just right is perfect — the whistles and bells just cover it up which is sad. Yet, I’m a coffee omnivore. Starbucks caramel macchiato, yum! Single source from Galapagos Islands, yum! And everything in between. No wonder I love coffee haikus and yours is so much fun. Your second haiku sent my mind zipping to a slice of pumpkin pie — sighs — my favorite pie.


    1. I am a black coffee girl. I remember when you did a slew of coffee haiku. They were fun with the mugs you got from Goodwill. We have a big old pallet in the garage right now that my husband is supposed to take apart and make a mug rack, as we do not have enough shelving for all our mugs.


  2. Me too! I stopped buying them because I ran out of cupboard space. When I retire, I’m having a big garage sale so I can create space to make a new “exhibit” of mugs, lol.


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