Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Prompt #432

AT&T store
Apple Watch or I-Phone Pro
pick your payment plan

October seventh
seven bushels of apples
how to pick just one

Sir Isaac Newton
the apple doesn’t fall far
he picks gravity

4 thoughts on “Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Prompt #432

  1. Love the play on picking apples. The 7 bushels made me think of apple pies. My mom would make a deep dish sheet pie piled with apples dusted in cinnamon and dotted in butter — no sugar as the apples created their own sugary juice when they baked. They were my favorite part of Thanksgiving. I had to wonder how many pies 7 bushels would make. And someone did blog about that. Turns out a peck makes 6 pies and 4 pecks make a bushel. So your 7 bushels make a lot of pies. Yum!

    While I want an i-phone, my favorite is Newton. It’s wonderful how you capture the discovery of gravity in the spare lines/words of haiku/senryu and echo the two stanzas before.

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