Sabi Saturday Week 21


I bought these two books at a library used book sale. One is an address book and the other is a journal. Both have lovely wild flower illustrations and are like new, except…

The address book has 2 entries! I googled the addresses and one is just an hour away in Memphis. The other is in Pacific Grove, CA, a sweet looking, pink stucco beach house.

The book sale was just a few weeks before Christmas and I thought about sending a card to the addresses. I did not want the recipients to feel uncomfortable, like I was some ‘creeper,’ as my daughter would say, so sent nothing.

I suppose it is how the world is now, everyone afraid to look like a ‘creeper’ even when intentions were to send well wishes among strangers. I counter the ‘creeper’ argument with, doesn’t the world need more kind random acts?

If you woud like to participate in Sabi Saturday, here is a link:



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