Sabi Saturday (Soggy Tuesday) Week 20


Mary got me thinking rocks, and while hers were all shiny and polished, mine are…not.

The chunk of history above is from a small creek behind Muncy Elementary School in Muncy, PA. My husband and daughter peeled off a layer and you can see some shells:


This fossil has been in our garage for at least 14 years. Is it Devonian era? I don’t know, but I keep it on a shelf, so it is in the now era, Cenozoic.

A couple of years ago my husband and I went hiking in Nathan Bedford Forrest State Park near Nashville, TN and picked up a few cool rocks, which are nestled in a molded piece of styrofoam that looks like it was made for cool rock storage, but actually came from a patio furniture box. I do, however, feel the reuse of the styrofoam is a great example of sabi or repurposing even if it is definitely not beautiful or valuable.


2 thoughts on “Sabi Saturday (Soggy Tuesday) Week 20

  1. That’s really cool that they found the shells in the rock by taking off a layer. I wonder how old it is too. Using the styrofoam to cushion your rock collection is a great idea.


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