Sabi Saturday (Sunday) Week 17

Thank you to Mary for continuing Sabi Saturday.

A number of years ago my brother made me a little red bench that I kept at my front entrance. The wood began to rot and fungus began to grow in the cracks of the separated boards. David took the bench back, reused what wood he could and reconstructed the bench. Here it is:


The very next week he came for a visit and presented me with another little bench, also made with leftover/reclaimed wood. Lucky me!


A couple weeks after receiving my sweet little red benches I was in Washington D.C. and visited the Hirshhorn Museum. Their gardeners had a display of mangave in pots sitting beautifully on benches. I am hoping to try something similar this Spring.






3 thoughts on “Sabi Saturday (Sunday) Week 17

  1. The benches are very cool and I’m looking forward to seeing how you use them like the museum. They’ll provide a great contrast to the plants. Both are great gifts from your brother and a great way to upcycle old wood.


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