You Know What I Found? Part 2


January 2017 I wrote: Last night I googled motivational quotes. I am training for a half marathon and a long run was scheduled for the morning. What I really wanted from those quotes was not motivation, but an excuse to not run.

You know what I found?

There is no replacement for hard work and determination.

Summer 2019 I was training for the Marine Corps Marathon.

You know what I found?

A whole lotta stuff!

The first 2 items I picked up were a yellow stylus for a Samsung phone and a bright pink golf tee. I found a baby sock and little plastic gun at a local park. The oversized soccer ball was on the edge of a field for a week before I decided to bring it home. The hat, too, was on the side of a busy road for a week before I picked it up. There was a base, too. As in first, second or third base for a baseball diamond, but it was too heavy to carry all the way home.

Wonder what 2020 will find.


One thought on “You Know What I Found? Part 2

  1. Looking at the stuff you found is like looking at a story, a family goes to the park with their dog (dog bone). One kid colors in their coloring book, one kid plays soccer, one brat shoots their sibling with the water gun, the baby pulls off its sock. Mom/Dad in their favorite cap watches fondly while typing away on their samsung before going to play golf. Oh yeah,before the golf game, they all sat down for a picnic lunch. Hmmmm, I haven’t figured out anything for the strap. What could it have been used for?


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