Not Prepared


My dog had surgery yesterday. I was not prepared for the long line of blue sutures running down her neck. When the vet handed me her leash and a bottle of pain pills he said, “she was a good girl.” The label on the bottle reads “2 tablets every 12 hours until gone. For pain.” My husband lifted her onto the bed, so she could sleep with us. She slept so quietly I kept feeling her chest to make sure she was breathing.

The president has a zero tolerance policy toward immigrant families crossing the southern border. When the president went to the border he said, “do not come here. We are full.” The country was not prepared for the long line of asylum seekers. Children are separated from their parents and pictures show toddlers sleeping on a cement floor with a single mylar blanket. Who will feel if they are breathing?

6 thoughts on “Not Prepared

  1. wow! very intense post today. why did you dog need surgery? those sutures look painful. sorry he had to go through that. sorry for the asylum seekers too. it’s crazy that the children are separated from their parents. i feel when compassion and common sense go out the window, there will be repercussions that we will regret, actions ripple out creating more ripples.


    1. Shasta had a small, maybe one inch, tumor removed…it seemed like a waaay long incision for a one inch lump! Later this week we will find out if it was cancerous and she will get the stitches removed. She is feeling/acting great though.

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