Haibun Road Week 10

A friend told me this is a funny story. I do not find it funny at all. The “rush” registration for the 2019 Marine Corps Marathon was in March. Now what “rush” means is that there are only a few spots allotted to the lucky few who are on their computers at just the right moment to get into the marathon site right when the flood gates open. My husband was able to get into the registration, but when he tried to enter his gender and shirt size (M and L) the process froze. He tried twice and became panicky, afraid he would lose his chance at securing a spot, so I decided to log on and try my gender and shirt size (F and S). Yep, sure enough, what popped up? “Congratulations, Diane! You are registrered for the Marine Corps Marathon!” Umm, this was not the desired outcome! And if that wasn’t enough, with all of Ron’s signing in and out he got registered twice! I explained to him that he would have to run the race both forward and backward, but ultimately the joke is on me. I had no plans on running another marathon, but I am stupid and stubborn, so I run. I run early in the morning before the neighborhood is awake.

While the house sleeps
The baby grows

Gravel turns to asphalt
Monday morning mercy

Pink balloons on a mailbox
More than one delivery

Garbage trucks rev at sunrise
Tuesday already


Haibun Road : a haibun weekly challenge (wk 10)

One thought on “Haibun Road Week 10

  1. So congrats is not in order for beating the rush and getting into the marathon? Like the way time flies as you’re running … “Monday morning mercy” (love that line) … “Tuesday already”


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