Umbra or Umber

Blank page
White page
Gray sky
Variegated sky
Brown table
Grained table
Ground coffee
Black coffee
Yellow violet
Clay pot
Umbra pot
What is umbra?
Okay, dull red pot
Blue coffee cup
Blue coffee machine light
Grinder  Roaster  Rooster  Percolator
the rooster with the mooster
put some bread in the tooster
his cousins are from Wooster
one of them had zooster
very painful

umbra is the fully shaded area of a shadow (think eclipse). I like the old time definition better though:  denoting a phantom or ghost, from Latin meaning ‘shade.’

umber is actually what I meant to describe the clay pot, a pigment similar to ocher.

2 thoughts on “Umbra or Umber

  1. I hadn’t heard of umbra (though knew of umber). cool word. thought you’d enjoy this. I didn’t know Mooster — figured it was a nonsense word/sound but just in case threw it into google as “mooster definiton” and it came back as “a cross between a moose and a rooster.” First I’ve heard of that mythological beast or “an attractive girl you want to spend the rest of your life with.” Zooster came back as “herpes zoster”. I enjoyed the poem. Love the colors.


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