To the bee outside my kitchen window

Do not bee about my back window a prize of pollinating puffiness, a buff genus bee-ness, insecta inflecta
Get to work on the tomato plants, pedal those petals, buzz those buds

Don’t you understand what’s going on around here?

Under much enthusiasm and gravity with its attending salty sea level my household waits for florid, thin skinned fruits
Should I depend on the wind, the irregular patsy, when you prance about the air as a pixie prince in gold lamé?

Are you still listening, cutie?

Pollinate, propagate, promulgate, you half pint hustler. Hurly burly it with those yellow flowers, smiling and preening,
waiting for some philanthropic encounter with your velvety profession

Inspired by Day and Night in 1952 by Frank O’Hara

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