NaPoWriMo Day 30

Write a letter to the troops or
bank tellers or dog groomers
or state representatives or to
cheerleaders, CEO’s or the tick-
et takers at the multi-plex.
A letter that reads, be safe and
strong and brave and “thank
you for your service.” The mail
as unruly or peculiar prophecy-
write a letter to the post office
“thank you for delivering this
letter to yourself.”Running on
leaves in the woods I tripped
and hit my head on a tree. I
woke up to check if my fore-
head was bleeding. A note
from my subconconscious at
1 am. The moon and clouds
scrape the sky bewitched by
some murmuration in the
tradewinds. Nightingales are
for romance novels, this is
more like starlings nighttrip-
ing north or consider the
iridescent grackle, yellow
eyed and black winged rain-
bow. “Hail to thee blithe
spirit” your letter could
begin and my mother’s did.
All the time I thought she
was quoting Shakespeare
yet it was Shelley writing to
a skylark.


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