NaPoWriMo Day 1

It doesn’t matter how early
the sun shows up above the rooflines
like some over achieving executive
or if your shower is cold, tepid
or as hot as the scalding coffee
dribbling into your favorite cup
or second favorite cup from Milwaukee
or third with the faded words Huntington Beach
or if you fix oatmeal
or wear boot cut Levis
or can’t remember what day it is
even though you hope it’s Thursday
because you will write a poem
about writing a poem
so writing group will cheer you on
and on and on it goes
until you realize it’s best to drive slowly
over the bridge over the creek
in case coyotes are crossing
or the pot holes are growing
as fast as the baby rabbits living under
your neighbor’s arborvitae that is
too tall, so tall, way tall
that maybe it will reach the rising sun
yet you still have to feed the cat.

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