Sabi Saturday Post 18

Mary posts a pic of a few pieces of cat inspired jewelry she has found at thrift stores and that got me thinking jewelry. I have a couple feline inspired pins as well, so was initially going to compliment Mary’s post with a pic of my pins, but I have a few jewelry items from my mom I felt like looking at.


Here is the front of the jewelry box. I cannot make out all the letters/words, but think the last word is Tennessee. I live in Tennessee, but my mother never lived anywhere except Elmira, NY and never traveled to Tennessee. I am not sure, but free wooden jewelry boxes used to be given to all graduating (high school) girls from a local furniture store advertising Lane cedar chests. Cedar chests used to be popular graduation gift for girls and were called ‘hope chests,’ as you were to fill it with linens and trousseau items in hopes that you would soon be married. My mom graduated in 1945 or ’46. I graduated in 1981 and they were still giving free jewelry boxes.


This is my favorite piece…my mother’s name was June.


Here is the inside pretty much as it was…forever. And still is, as my mom died in 1988. There are loose pearls (real or not, I do not know) in the folded pink envelope.


And here is just a bunch of stuff. The little watch flat in the box I thought was quirky, so I wore it all through college. It still works. The diamond shaped one does not work.


And finally here is a cameo bracelet. I bet this came from Grandma Pickering, as she had a real thing for cameos.

My mother’s (probably free) jewelry box with its contents of bent rings, yellowed pearls and banged up watches isn’t worth much, and that’s what makes it priceless.

4 thoughts on “Sabi Saturday Post 18

  1. A box full of memories. How wonderful. I do see the word “Tennessee” too I think and the word “glass”. What was the name of the furniture store if you remember? maybe that’s some of the words. I’ve never seen a cameo bracelet like that but that may be because most of the cameos I’ve seen were either necklaces or brooches. Like your grandmother, I like cameos too and have collected a few mostly from thrift stores. Thanks for sharing. So cool!


  2. Thank you for sharing. My mom had one of those boxes given from a furniture store too and she graduated in 1959. She no longer has it though, but I remember her showing me it in her parent’s house..


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