Haibun Road Week 13/Lake Hamilton


Lake Hamilton (Arkansas) was created in 1932 when the Carpenter Dam on the Quachita River was completed. Every body of water is an ecosystem. Large or small, ocean or puddle, water is distinct from and connected to the surrounding environment.


Spring walk around the lake
A baby turtle swims

I think this is a Quachita map turtle due to the yellow on the head.


Finally a quiet goose
Probably not for long


As the birds call
The bench breathes

Haibun Road : a haibun weekly challenge (wk 13)

3 thoughts on “Haibun Road Week 13/Lake Hamilton

  1. wow! that’s a beautiful lake. Interesting to see the mom’s downy bits of feather around the egg and only one. I thought birds always laid several so maybe the siblings already popped and are out and wandering around. Fun read, cool how you broke up the poetry with the images so they did a back and forth rhythm thing


    1. I think the other baby geese already hatched, because the day after I took that pic we saw a goose family with 8 goslings! Not sure if they were the same geese, though, because that lake has a bajillion geese! They honk all. day. long.

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