Kinda Square Day 20

Yesterday I posted a haibun about how my husband thinks the brown eyed Susans in our front beds are weeds…a husband’s weeds are a wife’s flowers?

Well, with this Fuji Instax pic, I want to go back and work on a haiku/haibun about the ADT sign and the flowers in some fashion incorporating “who’s guarding who?”


A link to the Kinda Square challenge:

5 thoughts on “Kinda Square Day 20

    1. Unfortunately, I am disappointed in this camera. Do you remember the Polaroids from the 1970’s? It is not even as good as that. The main issue is lighting, and for the millenials the product is aimed at, the film is expensive. The positive is I have been looking at my world of light and shadows very critically and have enjoyed the difference in what my eyes see versus some sub par hunk of plastic with lousy optics!

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      1. yes I had one, and once I got used to it really loved it, but wasn’t practical on my pocket money!

        My stepdaughter has a modern one, and she seems quite happy with it. Too bulky and as you say the film is expensive. So not for me!


  1. I’m sure Becky will have pointed this out to you but the links you are leaving don’t take us to your post. I have to click on your Gravatar instead. It’s no trouble- I just thought you should know. Hope you’re having a good week ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


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