Haibun Road Week 12/honeysuckle


A walk around Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs, AR will have you breathing deeply taking in the sweet smell of honeysuckle. Many people remember as a kid “drinking” the nectar of the honeysuckle flowers. I did not know until recently that many honeysuckle bushes are actually an invasive species so reviled that certain states have banned the sale of the plants completely. One website called the amur honeysuckle the “monster from Asia.” Well, if you live in the southern U. S. the term “monster from Asia” is nothing new…kudzu, anyone?! Both honeysuckle and kudzu can grow nearly a foot a day and choke out any other plants that have the audacity to even try to grow in the same bit of ground. I tried to determine from website pics if this plant is an amur honeysuckle and while I am not sure, I think it is, but oh, the scent is wonderful and sweet and summery.

Lakeside honeysuckle
Aggressive, invasive bush
Such lovely perfume

Haibun Road is hosted by https://cactushaiku.com/2019/05/13/haibun-road-a-haibun-weekly-challenge-wk-12/

4 thoughts on “Haibun Road Week 12/honeysuckle

  1. I love the scent of honeysuckle. When I was in my twenties, there was a shampoo with that scent and I bought it all the time. Then for some strange reason, shampoos have all gone fruity in smell. (I hate when my favorite disappears off the shelves) It’s bad that they are invasive but I am wondering because I am not a great gardener, if they would be tough enough to survive both me and the Arizona heat and still grow. I doubt they’d spread very far here if they need water so they’d be confined to gardens here I’d think so it wouldn’t be irresponsible to try to plant it, do you think? It’s tough on natural places when an invasive species starts to take over though. Bamboo can be like that too so you have to keep an eye on it.


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